Here's what's been going on at the ranch this week.  Sorry no horse photos!  It's been hot and I've been riding in the evening after it cools down but not the best lighting for photos.
This week here at the ranch we started to brand some small groups of calves.  We are still planting corn in between the spring showers and the horses made a trip to see the farrier.
Busy week! Sorry, I am posting this on Monday. I spent Friday at the VC Kelly ranch to take photos of sheep shearing and then the rest of the weekend with my Mom for Mother's Day. Last week here at the ranch we started seeding corn, feedlot pens are drying out, pairs are out to grass and looking good, Roper has been busy chasing rabbits and gophers and keeping me busy trying to keep him and the house clean.  My big news for the week is that I found out that I will be riding in the Buck Brannaman clinic at the end of the month in Rapid City!  I am VERY excited!  I also found out my son Sheridan will be home next month from the Army for good!!!  Even more excited to have my boy home and to start a program for veterans with him!
Here at the ranch this week we have gotten 4 inches of rain and even woke up to snow on the ground on Wednesday morning. It's made for some sloppy feedlot pens and not much time with the horses, but what a blessing the moisture has been and it couldn't have had better timing, right in between small grain planting and row crop planting. Calving is near completion! ‪#‎farmfriday‬
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