Here at the ranch this week we have gotten 4 inches of rain and even woke up to snow on the ground on Wednesday morning. It's made for some sloppy feedlot pens and not much time with the horses, but what a blessing the moisture has been and it couldn't have had better timing, right in between small grain planting and row crop planting. Calving is near completion! ‪#‎farmfriday‬


I like you time spent on the farm as we get to know more about how to go about it! I have not been very fond of cows but after reading this post, I kind of want to have a cattle farm of my own. I find these little calves adorable!

05/17/2017 5:47pm

Your farm looks really good. The farm grounds are very clean, which is a good thing and hard to maintain. All the bovines are looking healthy and strong as well. Having a great farm like that, I'm really certain that you guys did a really great job making it into such a great farm. Thank you so much for raising good meat for us to eat.

06/15/2017 11:16pm

Your farm looks nice and clean. My father always dream of having a farm, because he loves to raise animals. In addition, he's a nature lover. You are so lucky that you have a farm and animals to raise. Please take good care of that. And I hope you add some more animals to raise? If it's possible, you know, like chicken and horses.

09/29/2016 2:44am

The life of the farm is having the own kind of leaving way. The latest words about the new day of life as you write here this is looking very interesting buddy. I really enjoy allot while getting the all that you shared here.


It is indeed a blessing in disguise! It helps to cool down the temperature a little bit. It also prevents the risk of dehydrating the calves and it also lower their stress level due to the hot temperature. And the moisture also helps the grass to grow more. If there are more grass, then the calves will have more food to eat. Your cattle are looking healthy as well, you've done a great job taking care of them. Thank you so much for sharing this to us! And also for raising a good meat as well.

01/18/2017 9:08am

hi!! Extremely fascinating examination happy that I ran over such instructive post. Keep doing awesome. Happy to be a piece of your net group.


I would love to go to a ranch or farm. Maybe this is a good training ground for my kid to know and not be lazy about doing house hold chores. I can see that you are taking good care of your property. I hope you can give us more activities in your ranch. Thank you for sharing this awesome article.

08/13/2017 3:03pm

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