What was Alice Greenough Orr's contribution to women's rodeo?

During the golden age of rodeo Alice Greenough Orr rode saddle broncs and occasionally rode bulls.
She grew up working on a ranch in Arizona.  Her rodeo life began with  Jack King’s Wild West Show where she not only rode rough stock, she also did trick riding.  She became an international rodeo star, performing in 46 states, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, England, and Australia and winning four World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider titles. Her sister also rode with her and they formed the “Riding Greenoughs,” which was their own rodeo business and featured the first women’s barrel racing events.


10/30/2016 4:51pm

This really struck the chords of my heart as I adored her so much and just loved her! She was so amazing as a professional and as a person! It is so heartwarming to read about her all over again!

11/05/2016 11:55am

Hahahaa i always loved your thoughts, this was an amazing fun yet a short read, your thoughts however, from what i have gathered are amazing and that makes me believe that you are and must be an amazing person, this was lovely to read, would love to hear more from you!

05/08/2017 12:54am

Living in Texas gave me an early insight about Rodeos. My family formerly owns a small saloon and a ranch. My mom was a fan of rodeos and she knows Alice Greenough Orr. She was fascinated by Alice because of her fearless bull riding. My mom wants to be like her, but unfortunately she had a broken arm. She had a bad hit from a car accident when she was still 19. I am sad whenever I see my mom staring at Alice's pictures. It became my motivation and now I am practicing bull rides on the simulator. I want to make my mom proud of me and at the same time lift her spirits up.

12/23/2016 8:53am

I know it is hard to ride a wild horse so I take my hat off this woman. So brave!

01/30/2017 11:26pm

Wow! I admire her courage to this thing. This will be very remarkable history. This will be the proof that women can do what man can do also. I salute this woman for doing this kind of things. Thank you for this remarkable story.


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