Lucille Mulhall began a show of rodeo skill—running, roping, and tying steers— that put her competition to shame. Lucille was the best known Western performer of her era and was the first American “cowgirl” long before the term was widely used. She learned to ride and rope on her family’s Oklahoma ranch, and began her career performing in her father’s Wild West show and later becoming one of the first and most accomplished riding and roping champions. Competing with, and frequently beating, male competitors in steer roping events, Lucille helped make women an integral part of rodeo.  

Lucy herself was mean with a lasso and a crack shot, able to rope eight men riding abreast, rope, throw, and tie a steer in twenty-eight and a half seconds, and shoot a coyote from 500 yards, earning her not only the respect of her rodeo peers but necessitating the creation of a new title, which she proudly carried: First Champion Lady Steer Roper of the World. 

Tickled by the girl’s feisty spirit, President Roosevelt approached young Lucy after the show, telling her with a wink and a pat that if she could lasso a wolf he’d invite her to his inaugural parade. The fourteen-year-old girl nodded, mounted and disappeared in the wild stretch of Oklahoma prairie, returning three hours later, dead wolf in tow.


08/15/2016 9:03am

Hot dang! That's a Woman worthy of so much respect and awe that she should be given the chance as one of the know figures in the US right. This is something I would like to show my daughter (if me and my wife make one) and tell her "This woman is someone Daddy see as the future of women and the light to make people see that women no matter the age is capable of big things.". Hopefully my Wife won't kill me after though.

07/25/2017 8:08pm

I've never been a supporter of rodeo shows. It's just an excuse for people to use animals as part of their entertainment. I don't see what's fun in riding cows. I always wonder why people are so entertained when they watch someone ride a cow because in my eyes, all I see is someone abusing an animal for his or her own sake. Rodeo shows should be banned because it's an example of why people continue to think that it's acceptable to do this to animals. All they want from this activity is to be able to earn money and I think that's selfish and absurd. I hope that in the future, people will never patronize or even tolerate rodeo shows.


The best performer of an era! This is how I want people to remember me)


There are many types of people who have many types of skills and they need to polish their skills. Horse riding is very old, in previous era people use horse as a convence to reach any place and in war they use horse to reach in front of enemy.


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