Alice Adams Holden is best known for once riding 27 broncs in one day, she was billed as the girl who could ride anything on four feet. Riding since the age of five, she had a rodeo career that spanned 30 years, competing in bronc riding championships in the U.S. and Cuba. After her riding days were done she served in administrative roles for rodeos until leaving to run a ranch with her husband. She later became an accomplished organist and worked for the Oklahoma Democratic Party.


08/15/2016 5:12am

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10/16/2016 10:04pm

Wow. I haven't rode a horse before but this lady can ride almost everything. I think it would have been amazing to see her perform her riding skills. Crowds of spectators would be cheering and applauding to her. She would finish the performance with something amazing. And the crowd will go bananas because of the amazing thing they've just witnessed.

12/23/2016 8:40am

On the world where woman suppose to be by the wayside it needs courage! Good for Alice.

09/23/2017 9:27am

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10/29/2017 7:24am

I cannot ride horse and it is a dream for me to ride with horse. I were try but I failed I am afraid of animals because I don’t know when animal behave wild and it will be an injury for me and this will be too painful I cannot connect with horse or I can say communicate with horse, I don’t know.


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